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A Portrait Of... Danielle de Niese

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

BBC Radio 4 Programme: A Portrait Of..... Danielle de Niese

31st October 2017

Thursday 2nd November - 11.30am, BBC Radio 4 - My portrait of Danielle de Niese snooped upon by the BBC then broadcast. A powerful and sometime deeply moving moment of creation for both of us. Papers said it's the hit of the day. The producers say it's the most natural broadcaster talking to a genius. It all came together on 2 November. I'm painting the genius, Danielle de Niese the girl the New York Times calls the coolest soprano in opera. It is a powerful friendship. BBC Radio listened in. Me and Danny at Glyndebourne. "30 minutes of bliss says Pier Production’s Chief, Peter Hoare. 30 minutes of magic - and quite a few tears. Unforgettable."

Listen on 2 November (BBC Radio 4 11.30am) otherwise catch up on iPlayer

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