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Fiona teaches art courses for beginners to seasoned painters, both in the UK and abroad. You can also book Fiona for private one-on-one or group tuition. 

Painting in Italy Fiona Graham-Mackay


Taormina, Sicily

15th October 2021


Taormina, Sicily 

3rd April 2022   

Here's what some of Fiona's students have to say: 

"Thank you Fiona, it was a great week - feel so happy with everything we did!  Hope to do another one before too long!" 
- Barbara, Cortona 2018

"Perfect tuition, encouragement and help when needed, always positive.  Mille thanks."
- Michael, Poggibonsi 2018

"I've learnt so much this week. First landscape! Fiona, you are an exceptional teacher and I hope to learn more from you in the future!"
- Lesley, Poggibonsi 2018


Fiona's courses for all ages, beginners to advanced, are held at her studio near the beautiful Sussex coastal town of Rye.  Group courses are limited in size to ensure all participants receive one-to-one time with Fiona so be sure to book early. 

All Covid guidelines will be adhered to.

WEEKLY WORKSHOP: Tuesdays, 6 weeks from September 28th 10am-4pm

Come and be inspired, develop your skills, insight and enjoy the pleasure of being creative along with Fiona at Bayford Studios.

A lot of ground to cover, including composition, colour sensitivity, how to get the most from your subject, and always a keen eye to originality and development of the individual.

The fun progression over 6 weeks will be joyful for all. 

Course fee £600

Dates 28th Sept/5th Oct/12 October  - Break - 26th Oct/2nd Nov/9th Nov

SKETCHBOOK  AS A JOURNAL: Wednesdays, 6 weeks from September 29th 10am-4pm

Your life can be changed by keeping a sketchbook. Everyday life becomes interesting, waiting in a queue, sitting in a café, contemplating your navel! You will realise how rich your life is. 

Keeping a sketchbook brings joy and enormous satisfaction in documenting your life.

Life becomes extraordinary in the detail of a moment truly lived and keeping a sketchbook is a magical and deeply rewarding process. 

Turn the light on!

Come join Fiona and be inspired.

Course fee £600

Dates 29th Sept/6th Oct/13th Oct - Break - 27th Oct/3rd Nov/10th Nov

ART FOR HEALTH: Thursdays, 5 weeks from September 30th 10am-1pm

Scientific studies have shown that drawing and painting can reduce stress and increase happiness.

Once you get over your anxiety in your ability to draw you will discover how deeply meditative being creative is.

Come and be invigorated, no previous experience needed, take your mind to a very different place, and above all, have some fun. The risks are low and the rewards are great.

Creativity raises self-esteem, confidence and brings joy and fulfilment to life.

Course fee £375

Dates 30th Sept/7th Oct/14th Oct - Break - 28th Oct/4th Nov

PAINTING IN ITALY: 7 Days, Taormina, Sicily October 15th

PORTRAIT COURSE: November 15th for 3 days, 10am-4pm 

This is an exciting course, drawing based, aimed at those who wish to build on their achievements or simply fancy giving it a try.

This course will tie in with Fiona's book, to be published in 2022. We will discover the grand diversity and excitement of portraiture. Whether an experienced portrait painter or new to the genre you will be better informed and learn something new. 

Course fee £425

Dates Monday 15th/Tuesday 16th/Wednesday 17th November

MAKE YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS CARDS: November 23rd, 10am-4pm

The jolliest time of the year. The hint of mincemeat, mulled wine and turpentine.

Before the madness begins, give yourself, or someone else, the gift of creativity. Why buy cards when you can make them yourself?

Come and be inspired by Fiona at Bayford studios.

We can't promise snow but it will be great fun with a grand festive lunch included.

Course fee £175


EXHIBITION OPEN STUDIO: December 3rd/4th/5th

WINTER WORKSHOP, THE INWARD STROKE: January 18th, 6 weeks 10am-4pm

The best time of the year to be creative - few distractions.

More details to follow in the next few weeks.


Private lessons with Fiona are a very popular way of boosting confidence and ironing out any creative challenges.  


Please email Fiona directly or  get in touch via the website if you would like to hear more. 

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