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A Portrait Of... Juliet Stevenson

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

BBC Radio 4 Programme: A Portrait Of..... Juliet Stevenson

8 November 2017

Thursday 9th November - 11.30am, BBC Radio 4 - Fiona's painted the wonderful actress Juliet Stevenson. You can hear her doing it. Yes, not watch, hear. BBC Radio 4 commissioned Fiona, whose last two portraits were hung in the National Portrait Gallery, to paint Juliet. No cameras. Just sound and uncluttered by TV - it's more than a painting. As the portrait takes shape, so do the deeper feelings of painter and sitter. The result is a masterpiece. Don't miss it.

The BBC also want to hear what you think of the series. The person who commissioned the idea, Gwyneth Williams, would love to hear your comments -

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